CIGE Volunteers Many of the CIGE staff are trained volunteers. Volunteering is an enriching experience and the volunteers make a vital contribution to the community. The volunteers provide information to clients so they are able to make an informed decision and are enabled to achieve their goals and obtain services. We are always pleased to have volunteers join our team, roles include:   Community Information This role offers the first point of contact for clients who use our service, providing information, referrals, and booking appointments. Community Information Centre volunteers all undertake lengthy training when they join the organisation and this learning continues in the form of on-going training sessions which are held throughout the year.   Administration From time to time we have roles that assist CIGE with various clerical duties, such as updating information sources and the database, maintaining stocks of leaflets, and carrying out general office duties.   Social Support & Monitoring This role provides practical volunteer support such as assistance with shopping and transport to mostly elderly people. Volunteers use their own vehicles to provide these services, with some reimbursement for petrol expenses.   Are you interested in volunteering? Do you have time (e.g. a morning or afternoon) each week and want to be involved in the local community? If so, call us, call in, or send us an email: Contact Us.  Do you need more information about volunteering? Do you need to know why volunteering is important, what it is about, what you get out of it, what you need to do to become one and similar questions? If so, take a look at our Becoming A Volunteer Package.