History The Community Information service had its beginnings when  the Caulfield Community Information Bureau opened its Telephone Referral Service on 22 February 1971, in a room at St Catharine’s Church in Kooyong Road.   At opening, the service had 30 trained volunteers. Monthly on-going training sessions were established. An advisory panel was formed, membership of which included a solicitor and a social worker who gave valuable help in relation to queries involving legal, social work and welfare fields.   When an Association of Citizens’ Advice Bureaus was formed in 1971, Caulfield became one of the 12 member-Bureaus. In  1973 the Caulfield Community Information Bureau was renamed the Caulfield Citizens’ Advice Bureau in line with the Victorian Association of Citizens’ Advice Bureaus Inc.   The service continued to operate from St Catharine’s Church until May 1974 when an offer from Caulfield Council allowed it to move to the then Centenary Hall at the rear of the City Hall. This meant that face-to-face interviews could now be offered.   A re-organisation of Council buildings led to the Bureau being relocated to Oak Tree House in May 1980. Advantages for the Bureau were more space, better interview and administrative facilities, and access from the street to clients.   Changes forced on local government by the state government in the early 1990s brought, among other things, changes in municipal boundaries with resulting changes for the Caulfield Bureau. The new municipality of Glen Eira now included a largely residential area in the south-east of the municipality, an area previously part of the former City of Moorabbin. Difficulty for these residents to travel to City Hall led to the formation of an annex at the the Godfrey St Community House in Bentleigh, in 1997. This annex continued to operate until 2001.   The Victorian Association of Citizens’ Advice Bureaus (VACAB) also underwent changes in the 1990s, its role broadened and in 1995 it was renamed the Victorian Association of Community Information Centres (VACIC). The Caulfield Citizens Advice Bureau, now situated in Glen Eira, took the opportunity to assess its role in, and relationship with the community and in 1996 was renamed Glen Eira Community Information and Resource Centre. This was reviewed again in 1998 and the simpler Community Information Glen Eira adopted.   Community Information Glen Eira continued to operate from Oak Tree House until April 2008, when it was relocated to the present location at 1134 Glenhuntly Rd, Glenhuntly, near the Glenhuntly Railway Station. This location is central to the whole of Glen Eira, and is close to both tram and train.   Further details can be found in: CIGE Brief History